Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Months!

I am about a week behind, but my sweet girl turned two months old on October 2nd!  And again like every time I post about my kids' age, I'm thinking- How in the world has it been two months already and how in the world has it only been two months.  Time seems fast and slow all at once.

"The days are long, but the years are short."

Anyway, we took her to her two month appt. Here are the stats:

Weight:  13lb 6oz     91st percentile
Height:  25inches     99th percentile

What a big girl! Somehow I make some big babies!  And that's just on breastmilk!  She is just a tad smaller than Will at this age, he was all 100th %.  Our doctor said she looks perfect.  Although we weren't sure if she was feeling well or not b/c I thought she seemed fussy and more sleepy than usual.  So we didn't do the sad vaccines in case she had a stomach bug or something.  I have to get those done this week and am NOT looking forward to it!

She is still a very good baby.  She sleeps so much better than Will ever did.  She is doing great at sleeping on her back without complaining and most of the time falls asleep on her own without too much fuss.  We are not crying it out yet, b/c she is just way too young for that, but I do let her fuss just a bit longer than I ever did with Will.  She sleeps well at night, but of course we aren't sleeping through the night yet.  She has had a couple 5-6 hour stretches! 

We are on a 3-3.5 hr "schedule".  I use the word schedule lightly b/c it's just almost impossible sometimes to make sure she eats at the same times everyday.  Plus, it really stresses me out.  I know some baby experts would consider me a failure who is doing it all wrong, but I just have to do what I can.  She is a hungry girl and sometimes wants to eat sooner and sometimes she's a sleepy girl and needs a bit more sleep.  I'm doing best and know God will take care of her where I fall short.
Everyone that sees her says one of two things:
"Look at all that hair!!"
"She looks just like her brother."

Here is a newborn pic of each.  We transferred all our old pictures to an external hard drive, so I don't have many pics of Will on hand right now, but this will do.  You can see they both had the same little black beady eyes.
As far as right now, I do see similarities, but think they look very different.  SHe is much prettier! ;)
What a funny looking little guy he was!  My sweet baby love!
And here's my other baby love!  I'm a lucky momma!

I'd better get off this thing now.  Today is Pottytraining Bootcamp Day1.  
Wish me luck!  

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Tyler and Shea Moses said...

1. You are not a failure for doing what you can with your babies. You are a great mama, and its clear that you are meeting every need they each have. GOOD FOR YOU! :)
2. Your kiddos are precious. Love the pics!!
3. Good luck with the potty! Its a whole new world when its all said and done!