Monday, August 29, 2011

What's Cookin'

I really like to cook.  I used to cook way more.. before kid #1 and kid #2 of course.  But I do have to say I've been proud of myself for cooking for my family each night again.  I'm only proud b/c I took a long vacation from it.  My wonderful husband took care of meals during my last couple weeks being pregnant and then our super friends from church brought meals for the two weeks after the baby arrived.   It was nice to have a break from the kitchen, but I did miss it.  I'm strange.

Here is what I'm not proud of:  the items I have been cooking.  I have an excuse though- I JUST HAD A BABY.  If that doesn't give me justification to be a temporary glutton then I don't know what does. I have been eating whatever I want... and it shows.  Yikes, this baby weight is not falling off quite like it did with Will.  I was hoping the breastfeeding would do the trick immediately again, however I'm still a bit chunky and poofy.  I figured I'd give myself six weeks before I really start being more disciplined.  That means I've got two more weeks.

I have made this  twice.  We had leftover french bread, am I expected to let it go to waste.  I think not.

Emeril's food processor pizza dough!  It's the easiest recipe and is really good.  I just add some honey b/c I like my dough a little sweet.  That means we have homemade pizza way too often.

Then I tried my hand at homemade soft pretzels Saturday.  INCREDIBLE.  They are too easy and taste just like a pretzel you'd get at a carnival or Target or something.

So I'm noticing a pattern here... carbs anyone?

I have been cooking real meals too.  Two nights ago I made my favorite tomato basil roast chicken. Last night we had these Asian Lettuce Wraps.  Tonight I'm making chicken piccata- one of my faves!  See I'm not completely lost.

Ok, one last confession.  I may or may not have finished off the last bit of icing from a can in the fridge.     I'll eat an extra serving of broccoli tonight to make up for it.

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