Saturday, August 13, 2011


Things are going well...
nursing good
sleeping good... for a newborn
lots of wets and dirties
not much spitting
content and alert during wake times
big brother is happy
daddy is happy
momma is very happy

I even roasted a chicken and baked cupcakes last night!
Look who's on her way back to being herself!

 taken this past Tuesday, now we're almost 2 weeks!

Thank you Lord for this blessed life!


bonnie said...

She is adorable and you look AMAZING! I can't believe you're up cooking and getting yourself ready! I think I lived in my robe for 6 solid weeks! :) Congrats!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

OH brother! I'm in my robe and pjs right now! I only got dressed b/c mom said she wanted to take a picture. Thanks though. I've been a bum for so many weeks now, I'm a bit anxious to be back in a normal routine.

Jamie said...

So so sweet! I'm glad you're all enjoying your new family of 4. :)

kh123 said...

I LOVE the baby girl and I LOVE the collection of plates/pictures. Is this her room or somewhere else ni the house?