Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weird Phobias.. start laughing now

Yes, start laughing now. Of course if one of these phobias is yours, then you're probably just seriously nodding your head in agreement thinking, "Yep. Scary. Don't even want to think about it." And if you are, please let me know so I can laugh at with you. (I decided to look up phobias yesterday after Will freaked out about my robe)

Here are some of the strange phobias I found on this site:

Fear of going back in time, getting a disease that is curable now, but not then

Fear of large bodies of water because there might be shopping carts down there

Fear of gravity reversing itself

Fear of the Chubby Bunny Game

Fear of dying in a car crash with the radio stuck on a country station

Fear of the number 211 (Read here)

Fear of cannibal siamese twins

Fear of being mentally ill, but no one has told you yet

Fear of dying and having your pet blame itself

Yes, those are apparently real. I'm sure there are some strange ones I could identify with. I know that cannibal siamese twins do sound awful, but I'm not afraid of running into one. I bet the chance of that are pretty low. But I guess you never know.

I know I'm afraid of my toddler deciding he doesn't want to nap again. Now THAT is scary.

Please share your weird fears!


kh123 said...

hilarious! Just a few months ago my awesome 75 year old grandma was like "what if I'm mentally ill and I've never known it?" - the conversation was priceless. I reassured her she is still very sharp!

Kristie said...

I've never had that thought before, but it is kind of a scary concept. Kind of like that movie The Truman Show where everyone is in on the joke but you. I'd rather not know. If I'm mentally ill now, thanks for not telling me. Ignorance is bliss.