Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grits & Sleep!

1.  HE DID IT!  My kid slept through the night!  I can't even tell you when the last time that happened was.  Thank you Lord.  (He knew I'd need to be rested for the day it looks like I'm going to have.  It's only 8:20 and we've already had a time out)  I know my son is 15 months old and most moms already have this happen nightly.  We don't.  Yes, it's probably my fault and I'm currently being judged by every Babywise mom out there.  Oh well.

2.  I'm not sure we'll do grits for breakfast again soon.  He really liked them and ate most of it all by himself with his spoon.  Then he decided to spray paint the dog, the floor, his chair, and himself with his breakfast.  Nice.

3.  We acquired our weekly black eye last night.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I know he fell off a step at a friend's house last night.  You can hardly tell in the picture, but it's blue and purple and already darker as I look at it now.  At least he didn't fall on a chop stick and have it stick in his eye and need stitches.  (Yes, that happened to the two year old son of a friend of mine recently.  Thank God he still has his eye!  Note:  Don't let your kids play with chop sticks.)

 It's underneath the right eye.

Happy Tuesday,


the peterson family said...

WOW...glad he's ok. I can see the black eye...OUCH. Also, thanks for the teacher gift tips!

Amy Mc said...

I so love and appreciate your honesty as a mom! Don't worry we all have our bad habits and no one is judging you :0). I know you are a really good mommy.