Thursday, August 12, 2010

15 month Stats

Will turned 15 months on July 19th and I never posted his stats.  He is almost 16 months now, but I'll do it anyway. 

He is still a big boy, but is definitely slowing down.  Remember, I have the kid who was 15 pounds at 2 months old.  It was crazy.  Anyway, here are his weight and height for 15 months:

Weight: 27 pounds (82nd percentile)
Height:  33 inches (92nd percentile)

It's nice that he's on the charts now.  I actually think he'll be able to wear his clothes from last winter b/c he was in 12-18 months then and still his.  He has thinned out  A LOT.  

He is saying so many new words and is trying to say a lot too.  I love to see him watch my mouth as I sound out a new word and then he tries and it's pretty much just jibber jabber, but so cute.  He just jabbers nonsense at me all day with a look on his face like, "Of course you know what I'm saying.  I just told you, lady."  

He has said his first 2-3 word phrase too!  "I did it" or "did it"

Current Loves
watching Yo Gabba Gabba - he screams and dances when it comes on
playing outside, in the dirt, with sticks and rocks- awesome
playing in the car
playing with keys (which we've tried to outlaw, but sometimes he snags them)
playing catch (he can catch now!)
"slamming" the basketball in the hoop outside (wants to do it every time he sees a goal)
bubbles - outside & in the tub
water- drinking & playing
climbing steps
laundry basket racing
shaking his head no 
Pop Pop (sorry all other grandparents, not to mention ME)
throwing food on the floor ;(

Current Dislikes
going to bed, laying in bed
church nursery
time out
being told no
having his diaper changed
getting in his car seat
having sunblock put on

Our Good Habits
signing please
saying and signing more
sitting in booster seat for all meals and most snacks
drinking lots of water

Bad Habits we need to break
using a paci (not sure when we'll stop, it just helps so much)
not going to bed alone (we've been sitting in his room, but he's not going to sleep with us anymore!)
putting his hand down Mommy's shirt for comfort (a really bad habit)
temper tantrums

Having a toddler is challenging and tiring, but everyday is definitely an adventure.  I love my little maniac so much more every day it's overwhelming.  He is adventurous and playful and a little comedian.  We are having so much fun seeing the little person he's turning into & can't wait to see how he develops each new day.

Thank you Lord for our little boy!

We made a tent in his room the other day.


kh123 said...

Okay so your little man is about the size of my two boys who are going to be 5 and 6 in the next 3 weeks! They weigh about 5 pounds more!!!(they are small for their age we're told from genetics of their biological family but also from their time in the womb) I was more of a Will growing up so this small thing is weird!!!

the peterson family said...

can't believe how quickly he's growing up! Seems like yesterday you were pregnant.