Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trip to Belton

We took a trip to Belton this weekend for some Lentz family pictures. I didn't take near enough pictures at Steven's parents' house and missed some good shots of Will with his Mimi, Pa, Uncle Brian, Aunt Kendy, & his 3 cousins- Kyler, Brandon, and Kaden. I'll have to make up for it at Thanksgiving. Anyway, I can't wait to see the shots from the photographer, but I did manage to get some good ones of my own at the creek. Will sure loves yanking out grass and eating leaves! (of course, what doesn't he like to eat?) I only let him put a couple in his mouth long enough to take a picture, it was just too cute!


Meghan DeHart said...

maybe that means he will be vegan! those are cute shots!

Practical Mommy said...

OMG! These are the most adorable pics. He is so squeezable! :)