Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quit Teething Me!

Well, I thought it was funny.... Anyways, what's not funny is teething. Oh boy, poor Will has been so cranky and fussy and drooly. We just haven't known exactly what is wrong with him. We suspected it was teething, but really how can you tell? He had a tooth bud that had been poking through for about two months and then about a week ago it was gone! So weird! Then this morning Will was gnawing on my hand and I felt something scratching my knuckle. He has one or two little teeth starting to poke through! No wonder he's been so cranky, I'm sure it's very uncomfortable.

Also, last night around 3:00 am I found him smiling and working on getting up onto his hands and knees. It was hard to not get excited for him and want to encourage him to keep going, but like I said- 3:00 am.

Here are a couple of pics from the last couple days. Hopefully these teeth will go ahead and come in and we can see some more of this happy baby around here!

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kh123 said...

I thought it was funny too!