Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Baby Pics... What else?

Here are Will's 6 month pics from Target. I've been trying to have his picture taken every month. It's super cheap and really only takes a minute to plop him down and snap a picture. If we had a better camera I'm sure we could do it at home, but for now Target gets the job done. October pics were in his Halloween costume, November will be his Thanksgiving outfit, and Christmas will probably be his Christmas outfit... possible topped off with a Santa hat.

I also got one of my baby pics from my mom. I thought Will held the title for the fattest baby ever, but I was sure mistaken. I was the original title holder! Good heavens, I was one fat kid! Steven calls me a "juggernaut", I don't know, something about me not having a neck. Anyway, I think Will looks a lot like me. We'll have to get a baby pic of Steven on here to compare. WHat do you think?

Look alikes?

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