Thursday, July 24, 2008

Perfect Imperfection

Today is mine and Steven's 4 year anniversary! Steven started the morning out with breakfast in bed. He had set his alarm early to run and get Chicken Mini's from Chick Fil A... mmm.. our favorite. I'm not much of a pancakes person, so I appreciated the idea of running to Chick. The morning continued with a disagreement about buying a new cell phone, followed by Steven knocking a glass full of iced tea off of the end table with his bag. It spilled onto the floor, blinds, and basket of blankets and shattered the glass. He did help pick up the big pieces before he had to go to work. And there it is, a picture of a typical morning in the life of Steven and Kristie. Our marriage isn't perfect. We don't always see eye to eye. We have to work on communication and sometimes the special anniversary morning isn't like it is in the movies. (I for one have never waken up with perfect makeup, unfrazzled hair, or pleasant morning breath). But that's our marriage and I wouldn't change it for anything. If things were perfect, we wouldn't need each other. There'd be no need in my life for another person to encourage and strengthen me, to hold me up and push me on. I am complete in Christ alone, but complimented more perfectly by my husband than any other human could. Our marriage is imperfect, and to me that's perfect.

Steven, thank you for four incredible years of intense love, endless laughter, and unwavering faithfulness! I hope we have 50 more! I love you sweetheart!

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