Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm having one of those days. So much to do, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, feeling lazy... just want to lay in bed all day kind of days. My to do's today:
-laundry x3
-put dishes away
-clean out the "junk room" (I've heard some people do junk drawers... hmmm)
-post office
-Beth Moore study (not a casual thing as some of you know)
-Dex needs a bath and a good brushing- the dog hair is out of control
-I need a bath
-paint bookshelf
-start looking at school stuff
-pack for weekend trip to Abilene w/ my parents
-cook lunch
-get pictures off camera

I'm very juvenile and possessive of my summers. I want to be laying in a pool or under a tree reading a good book, not worrying about all that other stuff. I want to spend all day painting, napping on and off, and taking it easy b/c in just a few short weeks the chaos of my life will multiply times ten and I'll be dreaming of lazy summer days. So instead of seizing the day and doing some things I want or need to do, I waste my time blogging about being a brat and checking my email a zillion times. I hope other people are like this. Ok, I'm getting up. I'm going to be productive. I'm turning on the shower.... well maybe in a little bit.

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