Sunday, June 1, 2008

Delkus Delivers.

Okay, so Kristie and I got rid of the DISH going on about a year ago now. Before getting rid of satellite, I never really watched the local news. By the way, local news is incredible! Especially channel 8. I've tried all of the others: Fox 4, NBC 5, CBS 11, TXA 21, my27... Trust me, ABC is the best, for one of one reasons, Peter "freaking" Delkus. For like my entire life, the pinnacle of the news broadcast was always the sports segment...or so I thought. One night a couple of months back, when all of the monsoons hit Fort Worth, I was watching channel 8. Delkus gets on and starts wearing it out. He was telling everyone what to do, taking charge, getting external feeds from his remote weather people, telling them what to blew my mind. I said to myself "this guy knows what the heck he's talking about." Since that day, I have really grown to appreciate all that Pete offers:

1.) Charisma.
2.) Style. (Pete is always the best dressed and has the best hair. He's also very tan)
3.) Sheer talent. (Most of the other people don't know what they are talking about and/or doing, Pete totally does)
4.) Baseball fan. (Everyone else hates baseball, except me and Pete. He actually was a stud pitcher in college and did well as a minor league reliever before getting injured).
5.) Master's Degree from Mississippi State. (Clay, you know that's right)
6.) "The Stand" - (When most weather guys take off after their part is done, Pete hangs around and stands up by the desk, putting one leg up and just shoots the bull with the anchors and takes shots at Dale Hansen. He usually makes Dale look like a total phony.

I seriously could go on for days. The other day I was driving down 35 and saw a billboard that was from CBS 11. The billboard had a huge mugshot of Larry Mowry on it and read, "Count on Larry".

What? Who in the world is Larry and why should I count on him?

In closing, Delkus has also graced a billboard. If you see his, it simply states, "Delkus Delivers." My point exactly. Why do we need to count on Larry when Delkus delivers?



Haley said...

You should have visited him while in Dallas!! We could have all gone to Victory Plaza and watched him at least. YOU CRACK ME UP!

Abby said...

Ummmm....sounds like a man-crush.