Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Pie-oneer Woman"

I love the Pioneer Woman.  I have used many of her recipes and used hers to create some of my own.  I love to cook, so I follow quite a few cooking blogs, but hers is my favorite.

Today she is going to be on the Food Network at 8pm- doing Throwdown with Bobby Flay!  My DVR is set!

Anyway, right now she is doing a series on holiday pies.  I am a pie person and prefer it to cake almost any day.  (Except my birthday when I get a white cake with pink cream filling and cream cheese frosting from Costco!)  I had been talking with my mom about inventing a new pumpkin pie.  I like pumpkin pie, but it's not my favorite.  My husband on the other hand is in LOVE with pumpkin pie and could finish a whole one himself- and has.  More specifically, he loves his mom's pumpkin pie.  I've tried to make it from her family recipe, he says it's good, but not like his Mama's. I hope I have a pie that Will is going to say that about someday!

Back to my pie idea.  I think what I don't like about a pumpkin pie boils down to 2 things:  the crust and the absence of something crunchy on top.  I'm more of a graham cracker crust kind of gal.  So my idea was to do a ginger snap crust with some kind of candied nut topping.  Apparently I'm not that original in my thinking because when I Googled it there were many examples.  Oh well.  I still plan on making this and will let you know how it goes!

One of the pies the PW made lately was this Pumpkin Creme Pie.  It looks amazing and I will be making that one soon too.  Also, there is talk among her followers of a mysterious chocolate bourbon pecan pie.  I will be waiting to see what that looks like!

Let the pie making begin!


Amy Mc said...

Ooh, thanks for telling me about throwdown...i won't miss it! love the pie idea- i love a regular pie crust but pumpkin pie is definitely lacking the crunch. post the recipe when you are done!

Jules said...

Yum! I love PW too! Wasn't the throwdown so great?! I love that show and only watch bc I love to see Bobby Flay lose (he's always bothered me, but I will say the show has made me like him a little. But I still want him to lose! Haha) Anyway - in case you haven't watched yet I won't give it away - it was such a fun episode!

Brad April White said...

the throwdown was really good! I want to try her stuffing! mmmmmm

Meghan DeHart said...

ok, this has nothing to do with your post, but what should we NOT get reese's teacher as a christmas gift?

Mandy said...

I Loooooove P-Dub also, isn't she the best? I'd like a follow up on you pumpkin pie.