Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funny Story & Excuses

I'll start with the excuses... for not blogging:
- we've been gone from the house a lot
- too much housework (does the laundry ever stop?)
- playing with baby
- tired
- not uploading pictures
- we got a Wii and any free time is spent playing Mario Bros. (which is incredible by the way)
- it's cold in here and my fingers don't want to type
... take your pick, I'm going to make an effort to do better.

Now for the funny story. Try to picture this scene in your head:

A couple of days ago the weather finally warmed up a bit so I took Will into the driveway with his walker to let him get some fresh air. I decided Dex could come too b/c he's been dying to get outside. We usually just let him wander around the front yard and he never goes far. Sometimes I even forget about him, go inside, and hear him scratching at the front door to get it- so I'm not normally worried about him running away. Anyway, I'm watching Will roll around and notice Dex getting further away, "Dex, get over here!".. he goes down one house further... , "DEX!" & whistling. He goes further. I get Will out of the walker and start going down to get the dumb dog. He sees me come and, of course, runs further. I get to the end of the street (which is only like 3 houses down from mine) and Dex sees me and runs around the corner. I wanted to go back for the car, but worried that by the time I got back to him he'd be gone.

So there I am walking down the street with my baby yelling for the stupid dog. I finally get to where he is, barking through a fence at another dog and seeming really excited that I'm there too- until I grab the back of his neck. So I'm squatting on the ground, holding Will under one arm and Dex under the other. That is about 50 pounds I'm holding while squatting, when I realize, "How the heck and am I going to get up?" So I start bouncing and make it up to my feet. Then I walk under a tree and my hair gets stuck on a branch! It was really caught. I couldn't squat to put Will down, obviously b/c my hair is stuck in a tree, and I couldn't drop Dex b/c he might run. So luckily I backed up and it came loose. It still felt like something was in my hair and I could see a bump on my head in my shadow. I figured it was a stick, but it would have to stay there. Unfortunately, my drawstring pants also decided to come loose and began falling down. One arm is holding Dex and my pants and the other arm is holding Will and his pants b/c he is super heavy. That's about when my arms started shaking! I mean they were really aching! I just kept walking and focused on my yard once I turned the corning. I finally made it back home, dropped Dex, and pushed him towards the house with my foot while telling him what a bad dog he is. I had to set Will down on the grass for a minute to shake my arms out. Brother, that kid is too heavy to hold with one arm that long. I'm sure some neighbor was watching from the window and having quite a laugh- a crazy lady walking down the street holding a dog, a giant baby, and her pants with a stick stuck in the top of her hair.

That's what I've been doing instead of blogging. chasing dogs, lifting weights, getting my hair stuck in trees, losing my pants.


theblans said...

Thanks for the laugh! I could SO picture it all!

Amy Mc said...

Love Super Mario Bros!

TXSkipper said...

Okay - THAT was hilarious! I think I got the biggest laugh from my mental picture of your faces as this all transpired. I might just have to have you retell me in person for the full effect! LOVE IT! Thanks for being confident enough to share such a story with the world!

Meghan DeHart said...

so it is 12:42am and i am laughing so much right now!! your stories are fabulous!