Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Just wanted to let my 3 committed readers know I'm still here, but not able to post. We've had a lot going on and now we have a baby who is sick with his first cold. Sinus infection to be exact. Very stuffy noses mean not able to eat well, sleep with paci, or use paci to stop crying... basically just misery around here.

Anyway, will post again as soon as our little nose stops blowing green bubbles.


Amy Mc said...

I'm committed and I have been looking for a post from you! Sorry that Will is sick, Brinley is too- waking up with crusty nose, coughing like a 80 year old smoker, and very clingy. Hang in there!

Meghan DeHart said...

that is a bummer...but i hope i'm one of your 3!! if not,make it 4!