Tuesday, December 22, 2009

8 Months!

On Saturday Will turned 8 months old! He has really started to do some really fun new things too. Of course, with every milestone I just think, "He's never going to get it!" and then one day he just does it. When he was tiny, I thought he'd never lift his head. Then I thought he'd never start cooing. Then it was rolling over... rolling the other way... getting onto his hands and knees... sitting up... eventually he has done all of these things. I had starting thinking he would never do the army crawl thing, but about a week ago he finally figured it out! Now if we could just crawl and start some consonant sounds... I know, I know.... be happy with him just where he is! I have to tell myself that every day!

He sits really well and can lean to reach for things and then get back onto his bottom. He can get from his bottom to his tummy without completely face planting most of the time. He can really cruise in his walker! You really have to watch your feet and shins b/c he will ram you. He chases Dex all over and can get basically anywhere that there isn't carpet. We think he is starting to wave and trying to say, "Hi". It sounds more like,"Ha", and he isn't very consistent, but he's working on it! Also, we think he's learning the hand sign for "eat". Just last night he finally starting making a "b" sound! I was really excited b/c I've been a little worried about him not making any consonant sounds yet. I know I'm nuts! He wants to walk everywhere all the time- holding our fingers of course.

His most fun game lately is yelling, "Ah" and then waiting for us to "ah" back at him. We will go back and forth for a long time. He just thinks it's so much fun! We think it's quite cute.

These were taken in the morning when he was still in his jammies.
He finds that paper way too fast now.

The past 8 months have been so wonderful. We were just saying last night how much easier things are getting now that he is just a little bit more independent now. I can't wait to see what fun and exciting things this little guy is going to learn this month.
Our love for this boy is beyond explanation!

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