Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New pics

Here are a few pics we've taken lately, but hadn't posted yet.  

Not the most flattering picture... it had been a very long day at work... definitely growing into a larger woman!
Not sure why this picture is so small, but it's Steven and my dad working on putting the crib together.  So exciting!  We must have sat in that room all night just staring at it!  Crazy! (there are pictures of the crib in the previous post)

We decided that one shelf and bar wouldn't cut it, so Steven decided to build a shelf unit with some wood he already had in the garage.  Plus, it was an excuse for him to buy that new stud finder and laser level.

Working hard....

Three hours of work and a coat of white paint later...

... and we have a little baby closet!

We still have about 16 weeks until Will is here.  Things are starting to come together though.  Hopefully the last few weeks will past faster than the first- I can't wait to meet that little guy and show him around his new room that his daddy worked so hard on for him!

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Hurricane Happenings said...

yay for new pictures!! kristie you look great!! and i love the nursery!!