Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's A GIRL!

We are having a GIRL!
I am in shock.  Very excited of course, but completely bewildered.   I had a feeling it was a girl and only voiced it once, but thought for sure we'd have another boy.  There are lots of boys on Steven's side, girls are rare.  
I'll get the sono pics up soon.  They are adorable!  
On Saturday I'll be 17 weeks.  It's still pretty early to know for sure, but the sono tech was fairly sure and looked from a few different angles.  We'll get the big 20 week sono soon and be able to confirm the gender then too.  

Will is going to have a little sister!  Can't wait!


theblans said...

So I completely missed the announcement that you're pregnant. Congratulations! Baby girls are the SWEETEST! Hope you're feeling good.

Amy said...

YAY!! Girls are so much fun. She is gonna be one lucky gal. Congrats.