Monday, May 18, 2009

He's Here!

Sweet Will Baby is here!  I know it's been over a month, but I'm sure having a baby is a good excuse to slack.  There is way to much to post now, so I'll write again later with the birth story, etc.  For now, here's a quick update:

He came on Sunday, April 19th- over 2 weeks early.  After 4 days in the hospital, some in the NICU- we finally brought him home the following Thursday.  He is so precious!  We have completely fallen in love with this boy and he sure is making us work!  Here are a few pics.  

This is the day we came home, I was so completely exhausted that I could barely even hold him up.  Quite a week!

New family!  That I.V. really puffed me up- look at the baby- not my cheeks! :)

There are a million more pics to post and updates to share,  but it's too overwhelming to even know where to begin.  Updates coming soon- at least sooner than this one!

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