Monday, March 24, 2008

We Are Those People

We are those people - the ones who can't stop talking about our dog. It is absolutely disgusting. We know. It's obnoxious and pathetic.... but have you seen him? I mean our little baby Dex is the sweetest baby in the world! This is a picture of him falling asleep with his bone in his mouth. We had just gotten it for him and he loved it so much he just couldn't drop it. We have about 7 million names for him. We don't crate him because we think it would hurt his little feelings (even though he's scissor-toothed a few shoes). And yes, he does sleep with us- right between us with his head on or under the pillow. Sick I tell ya... sick.

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TXSkipper said...

Yeah, we were those people once too. The dog often went with us when we visited friends - she slept in the bed - and so forth. Now she's been demoted although I swore it would never happen... I'm sure she would be a great candidate for canine therapy!